We have fun!

Together we sing, breathe, dance, learn about animals as we embody them, name different emotions and what we’re feeling, all the while being silly and exploring emotions, the world, and self. Find out more...


Creative approaches using traditional yoga poses designed to be gentler and to work with your specific needs. These can include chair yoga, breath work, dance, a sense of play, as well as different props. We work with the challenges that many face as bodies age and mature. Find out more...


Using yoga, breath and fun we work on emotional intelligence, bringing an awareness to the present moment, noticing what emotions come up while learning about the changing body and reality, and gaining important tools for the long journey of self discovery. Find out more...


Whether you are thinking about getting pregnant or have been trying to conceive for a while, this can be a stressful time. Together we work with the body to visualize and open to what you want. We will make space for your concerns and work to relax the mind and body. Find out more...


During this crazy and wonderful time your body is changing and so will your yoga practice. We can work to alleviate aches and pains, prepare you for the upcoming birth and acquire tools to help you with your changing reality.  It’s an exciting time to connect with you and your growing baby. Find out more...


This is a wonderful opportunity to work on strengthening the body post birth while bonding with your baby.  Taking into account the birth of your baby and your current state in both mind and body, we work on what your goals are and have fun connecting with your baby. Find out more...


Take a yoga moment and improve productivity. Clear headed, alert employees can achieve greater business success.

Exclusively designed yoga for your team with your goals in mind. Find out more...


Why go outside when you can do yoga in the comfort of your building? From the elevator to your mat. Meet fellow residents, improve your fitness and calm your mind. In the hospitality room as a small group or one on one. Find out more...


Having a birthday party? Yoga is a great way to span the ages, bring family and friends together to move their bodies, breathe and have fun! Why not throw a dinosaur yoga adventure for your toddler? Need a team bonding activity? Why not step away from your desks and have a yoga fun afternoon activity and exercise? You name it we can do it! Find out more...



Using Skype we can guide you in a private yoga session or a small group. All you need is a computer with a camera, your yoga gear and you’re ready to go! Yoga for you, wherever you are. Contact me by clicking Book Now and we can design a class that suits you. Find out more...



Yoga can be whatever you would like it to be.  It can be about getting that ripped body, doing amazing super hero poses, calming the mind, healing an injury, sitting and breathing. Ultimately it is your journey to self. My relationship with yoga has changed over the years, as do my goals with yoga. However, the only constant is my practice and self-discovery.



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"Sasha Pick's chair yoga class is one to be enjoyed and from which to benefit. When class ends, I feel significantly better than when class started. And very importantly, even though it is a group session, Sasha always asks for feedback and will adjust an activity for an individual, while the others are following the original directions"

Hilda R. - Senior Class 

"I developed sciatica and even though I followed my doctor's instructions, it was painful and persistent. I'm not naturally flexible and didn't think of myself as a "yoga person," but I took one of Sasha's yoga classes and my pain level was much lower afterwards. Her sessions -- some of which were via Skype! -- helped me get my sciatica under control and alleviated other aches and pains that I didn't even think were significant issues. Yoga, and Sasha's classes in particular, are now an important part of my wellness plan."

Elizabeth S. - Private Class

"Since working with Sasha my balance and energy levels have really improved which I didn't even know I needed. My sleep has improved and I now feel rested, happier and much stronger in my body."

Rachel M. - Private Class

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