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Seated Hip Opener

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Most of us have tight hips which can lead to bad posture and reduced body mobility.

This is a good hip opener you can do seated on a chair, in your office, at home any time of day.

Sit with your sit bones firmly grounded on the chair, your feet hip width apart, your heels directly under your knees. While you press down with your feet, sit up tall and take a deep inhalation. As you exhale pick up one foot and place the ankle above the knee, flexing the raised foot. Depending on your body your raised knee will be high or open flat. All angles here for the knee are fine and reflect different flexibility. Take an inhalation, pull in your stomach muscles and pelvic floor and keeping your spine long with shoulders wide tilt your body forward leading with your heart. Only tilt to where you are comfortable. I fold all the way over to demonstrate how far you can go but even tilting a small angle will still give you the benefits of the pose. Take a few deep breaths and then on a inhalation rise back up. Release raised foot to the floor. Take a breath and repeat on the other side.

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