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I literally stumbled into yoga as I ran to one of my performing arts classes and fell in love. It calmed my mind, and made me feel great while keeping me fit and flexible. To deepen my practice, in 2002 I became a certified yoga teacher. I have been teaching ever since. I have studied and still study with teachers from all over the world and combine these influences in my teaching to suit you. Yoga can be whatever you would like it to be.  It can be about getting that ripped body, doing amazing super hero poses, calming the mind, healing an injury, sitting and breathing. Ultimately it is your journey to self. My relationship with yoga has changed over the years, as do my goals with yoga. However, the only constant is my practice and self-discovery. Yoga helped me give birth to my two wonderful boys and is still helping me raise them today. I started this business to bring yoga and mindfulness to each age; to bring self-awareness to the individual.  Conscious individuals make up a happier and kinder society, which is a more inviting place for all of us to exist in.  How much more fun would that be?

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Pregnancy Teacher Training at Tri Yoga London with Nadia Narain


Deep Bodywork Psychotherapy Foundation Course with Silke Zeihl


Sunra Hatha Teacher Training in London and Ibiza with teacher Barbara Gordon.



Ashtanga morning practice with Hamish Henry and Roberta Gionotti

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