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Great Seated Hip Flexor and Side Stretch

This is an excellent hip flexor and side stretch you can easily do at your desk, in the office, at home or wherever you are sitting and feel comfortable getting in a good all body stretch, providing your clothing allows movement!

Sit with your feet firmly grounded walk your feet to the side of the chair, turn your body to align with your feet, slide one sit bone off the chair (this is why I am holding one side of my hip - to show it is not on the chair) this allows the leg off the chair to slide back to wherever you feel comfortable. Press your pubic bone forward engage your stomach muscles, sit up tall, lift the pelvic floor. Hold onto the back of the chair with the hand closest for stability. You should feel a stretch through the psoas muscle. Inhale and exhale. To further the stretch you can lift the arm on the same side as the extended leg and fold over towards the back of the chair, stretching your side and increasing the psoas stretch. Inhale and exhale. If you have tendonitis or an injury in your toes you can wear sneakers to prevent the toes from bending back too far and over extending. Repeat on the other side.

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