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Easy, Invigorating Hip Flexor, Ham String and Side Stretch

This is an easy, invigorating sequence to do at home or in the office to wake up the body.  I have sped up the footage here but you can take as long in each pose as you wish. 

Standing with your feet hip width apart facing the chair, take the weight onto one foot and lift the other onto the chair, carefully holding the back of chair for balance. Then holding the chair with both hands press your hips forward and feel the stretch in your psoas, hip flexor. Take some deep breaths. Then holding the chair still, extend the leg on the chair, flexing your foot, keeping your hips squared for a ham string stretch. You can keep the knee bent or straighten the leg, just don’t lock out the knee. Take some deep breaths. Finally, holding the chair carefully take the lifted leg off the chair and place it back onto the ground placing your feet hip width apart and side onto the chair. Holding onto the chair for balance with one hand, lift your other arm and fold over towards the chair for a lovely side stretch. Breathe deeply into your side. Repeat sequence on the other leg/side. 

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